Take a look at a few of the frequently asked questions pertaining to our work. If you don't see an answer to your question, call or email us today and we'll be sure to help!

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take after I order?

Installation usually takes place within two to three weeks from the time you order. The actual process usually takes about an hour. Your door will be removed briefly during this process, weather permitting.

What if the glass doesn’t fit?

We take full responsibility for ensuring the glass will fit your door. If it does not work you will get a full refund. If you need a new door, we will let you know how much that will cost, if we can do it.

How easily can I get a new door?


How secure is this glass? Can it break right through?

All of our glass has at least two and most have three panes of glass thickness. The outside two panes are tempered safety glass. While they can be broken, the effort needed to break out one of these glass inserts exceeds the time and noise levels most crooks are willing to spend. They will simply give up and go to a less obvious location. You can also upgrade to impact glass. Impact glass is next to impossible to break through without specialized tools.

Can people see right through this glass? I want my privacy.

The manufacturers of decorative glass understand your concerns, and have addressed the issue. While there are varying degrees of obscurity, even the clearest glass has some type design that obscures the vision. The person walking down the sidewalk, or mowing the lawn usually cannot see through the glass with enough clarity to determine if anyone is even home. We suggest you install a screw in motion detector on your outside porch light, set to turn the light on when people approach your front door. This will back light the outside, and make the glass even more difficult to see through, especially at night.

Does my glass have a warranty?

Absolutely. For decorative door glass and between-the-glass-blinds, it is a minimum of ten (10) years on the product. Some products have 20 years and some even have a life-time warranty. Labor is covered for the first year.

Can a decorative glass be installed in my door?

Yes. This program works especially well with steel and most fiberglass doors. To determine if your door is compatible please take a picture before coming into our showroom or take a picture and email it to ormondbeach@thedoorstore.biz.

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